About Us

About us

OBJECT is the leading human rights organisation whose goal it is to challenge the increased sexual objectification of women in mediaBanner 2.jpg and popular culture, because of its links to discrimination and violence against women. We raise awareness of these links by lobbying, campaigning and providing information to both colleagues in the women’s rights sector and human rights activists as well as working with grassroots activists, student and trade unions. We lobby policy makers for change and have a proven track record of organising lively grassroots activism across the UK to ensure that the sexual objectification of women is debated at both a public and political level.

Our vision is of a society free of sexism, in which women are represented in their full diversity. This will be a crucial step to achieving full human rights for women and must involve tackling gender stereotyping and the objectification of women - as has been consistently pointed out by the UN Committee for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) since 1979.    www.object.org.uk  

eaves_pwf_colour_small.jpg Eaves is a feminist charity which offers high quality support to vulnerable women who have experienced violence through various support, accommodation and research projects. Our work includes:
The Amina Scheme – a befriending scheme for women who have experienced sexual violence, run by specially-trained women volunteers who have also experienced sexual violence in the past.

The POPPY Project – support, accommodation and advocacy for women trafficked and exploited in prostitution and domestic servitude in the UK.

The Serafina Project – support and accommodation for women (and their children) fleeing domestic violence.

The Lilith Project – a research and development department with a wide remit. Work ranges from research into various aspects of violence against women, to training and education for the women’s sector, to lobbying for legislative change and to working directly with women who have experienced sexual violence. It also works to demonstrate, through campaigning and training, that violence against women is both a cause and effect of gender inequality.

The Scarlet Centre – a drop-in centre offering advice, support and information to vulnerable women affected by domestic violence, rape or sexual abuse or who are at risk of homelessness and exploitation, to assist them to become independent and recover from their experiences.

Eaves’ work is made possible by funding from London Councils, the Office for Criminal Justice Reform (reporting to the Ministry of Justice), grants from foundations and from individual donations. www.eaves4women.co.uk